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How to Use Pillows to Change Up Your Living Room’s Style 

How to Use Pillows to Change Up Your Living Room’s Style 

How to Use Pillows to Change Up Your Living Room’s Style

Pillows  can change the appearance of a room quickly. With a variety of options to choose from, it’s easy to see why they’re among the biggest selling home décor items. So, here are a few ideas that will transform your living room’s style in a hurry.

Use Pillows To Make a Statement

Photo Courtesy of HomeEdit

Whether you are a fan of Americans or not, the flag-themed pillow in this Swedish apartment is definitely noticeable. This pillow provides a bold statement that matches the decor of the room but can be easily removed if you have guests who disagree with the statement. Add text, photos or more, just don’t overdo it.

Pillows Add a Dash of Colour to a Minimalist Scheme

Photo Credit Architecture, Art, Design

There is a lot to be said about neutral colored furnishings. They look great year-round, are easy to match to existing décor, and don’t fade as easily when set in a sunny location. And these bright and textured pillows add some character to the almost monochromatic flavour of the room.

Add Texture with Beautiful Prints

Print Pillow

This room’s minimalism is rather stark, if it’s not offset by the patterned rug and patterned pillow. When you have simple colours and straight geometric designs in your room, a patterned pillow adds some beautiful texture.


What are some ways you love to use pillows in your interior decorating?

5 Living Rooms that Perfectly Balance Asian and Scandi Design

5 Living Rooms that Perfectly Balance Asian and Scandi Design

Asian and Scandi design fusion is one of our favourite aesthetics here at North Hem. Minimalist floor plans, neutral colours, and natural wood fit well with many modern Asian cultures and make for an easy transition between Scandinavian styles and Asian design. For the colour lovers out there, throwing in some mid-century modern style can add a dash of sparkle to these more reserved styles.

We think that the following 5 living rooms will give you some ideas and inspiration on how to decorate your home.

singapore fusion

Image Courtesy of Home and Decor

A Singapore Scandi Living Room

Home and Decor often has great inspiration for your home decorating and design. When it comes to Scandi and Asian fusion, there are some stand-out photos to inspire your home. This Scandinavian inspired living room from Singapore shows how to live in comfort, with style, in a way that protects the environment. We love the inspiration behind this fusion living room.

korean scandi design

Image Courtesy of Sight Unseen

Japanese Scandi Design Fusion

This living room is an ideal place to rest, to visit, or to enjoy cozying up to a good book on the couch. The cool colours and light woodwork make this a great layout for hot summer months. On the other hand, the fabric seats, warm blanket, and rug all help make this living room a great place to stay comfortable in the colder winter months. The Japanese artwork rounds out the feeling of a perfect fusion between east and west’s interior design principles.

play room reading nook

Image Courtesy of Home Decor

Korean Scandi Design

This flat’s combined living and dining room is ideal for urban living. And, it takes its inspiration from Seoul, while still providing a Scandi style. The mid-century modern styled couch in the sitting area adds some comfort and colour to the long, hard tile floors. The lighting and brick wall give a tad bit of the industrial feel of a cosmopolitan city while the natural wood dining set provides a bit of the Scandi farmhouse feel.

asian scandi design

Image Courtesy of Billie Lourd

Asian Scandi Design

The hardwood furniture frames, tasteful use of plants, and Asian inspired decorations make this living area a perfect fusion of generic Asian and Scandi Design. There is something beautiful about the more specific cultural pieces portrayed throughout this post, but this living room is a type in itself. The natural light and window seat contrast with the wood fireplace. The white walls contrast with the dark wood floor and natural plants. This study in contrasts is a perfect example of how you can be creative in following minimalistic design principles.

japanese modern design

Image Courtesy of Home Design Lover

Modern Japanese Living Room

Finally, some design is not a true fusion, but takes inspiration from other design trends while keeping it wholly within the room’s culture and place. This picture is a perfect example of a room that feels fully Japanese, but borrows from design principles that are more western. The couch, pillows, and rug are all reminiscent of a mid-century modern or Scandinavian layout, but when put within the room as a whole, it still feels like a modern Japanese living room.


These 5 living rooms inspired us this week. What inspires you in your interior design?

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The Expert Guide to Organizing Your Home

The Expert Guide to Organizing Your Home


When it comes to organizing your home, many people are often left feeling stuck and confused as to where to even begin to de-clutter. With the hectic schedules that many of us have today, organizing our home can often be the very last items on our to-do lists. So, just to make things nice and easy, here are five nifty little tips and tricks on how to organize your home today.

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Divide Your Drawers

If you’ve got lots of old shoe boxes that you can’t seem to find any use for, why not use them as drawer dividers? Many people with large drawers often complain that everything seems to get a tad mismatched, so the easiest way to combat this is to use shoe boxes to separate different parts of your drawer. If you wish, you can even paint them in pretty shades!

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Store Food in Glass Containers

If you find that food packaging is taking up too much of your cupboards, try storing them in air-tight glass containers instead. Not only will this free up storage space in your kitchen, but it’ll also enable the food to last longer.

Build Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

For those of you who actually have a couple of hours in the week to spare, a great way to make your home more organized is to install floor-to-ceiling shelving units in areas of the home that you don’t use very often – for example, the hallway. Use the bottom rack for shoes, and the middle and top racks for whatever you wish. Shelves are a great way at preventing clutter from forming in every inch of your home.

Color Code Your Books

A great way to make your home more organized and prettify your shelves at the same time is to color code your books. It takes less time and energy than organizing them according to title, and is an awesome home organization idea for those who own many books!

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Invest In a Good Coat Rack

Believe it or not, even the most organized of people can often end up leaving their coats on chairs, tables, and even the floor, after a long day at work. To tackle this clutter, invest in a good coat rack for your hallway to store coats, hats, and umbrellas. Your home will thank you for it, for sure.

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