Celebrate This Autumn with Updated Furniture

Celebrate This Autumn with Updated Furniture

As summer begins to wind down, cooler evenings and shorter days prompt us to spend more time indoors. Make sure that time is spent in comfort and style, but don?t break the bank! We can help. North Hem specializes in quality craftsmanship and designer styles, without the high street price tag.

scandinavian dining room reading nook

Warm Up With a Sofa

Whether you?re looking for midcentury modern or Scandi style, or just want something that will last, we have a sofa for you. Enjoy autumn get-togethers and evenings with friends; there is plenty of room on our three-seat couches, or get cozier with a two-seater.

scandinavian study reading nook

Liven Up Evenings in With Some Colourful Lounge Chairs

Our lounge chairs come offer the perfect pop of color to brighten up a room, or choose a monochrome option for a more minimalist look. Comfort, quality, and an excellent blend of classic and modern design, our lounge chairs are an excellent way to update a room and make autumn evenings brighter and more inviting.

corner reading nook

Make Space for Food with a Sideboard Buffet

Entertaining family and friends starts to move indoors during this season, and what better to facilitate gatherings than a sideboard buffet? Room for storage, display, and perfect for serving starters or drinks, our buffet cabinet sports a Scandi design with clean lines and a small footprint. Make the most of the season by enjoying and serving your guests with a stylish sideboard.

How to Use Pillows to Change Up Your Living Room?s Style?

How to Use Pillows to Change Up Your Living Room?s Style?

How to Use Pillows to Change Up Your Living Room?s Style?

Pillows? can change the appearance of a room quickly. With a variety of options to choose from, it?s easy to see why they?re among the biggest selling home d?cor items. So, here are a few ideas that will transform your living room?s style in a hurry.

Use Pillows To Make a Statement

Photo Courtesy of HomeEdit

Whether you are a fan of Americans or not, the flag-themed pillow in this Swedish apartment is definitely noticeable. This pillow provides a bold statement that matches the decor of the room but can be easily removed if you have guests who disagree with the statement. Add text, photos or more, just don’t overdo it.

Pillows Add a Dash of Colour to a Minimalist Scheme

Photo Credit Architecture, Art, Design

There is a lot to be said about neutral colored furnishings. They look great year-round, are easy to match to existing d?cor, and don?t fade as easily when set in a sunny location. And these bright and textured pillows add some character to the almost monochromatic?flavour of the room.

Add Texture with?Beautiful Prints

Print Pillow

This room’s minimalism is rather stark, if it’s not offset by the patterned rug and patterned pillow. When you have simple colours?and straight geometric designs in your room, a patterned pillow adds some beautiful texture.


What are some ways you love to use pillows in your interior decorating?

6 Couches that Inspire Us

6 Couches that Inspire Us

Read a textbook on the history of home furniture, and you will find that there are legitimate style and historical differences between a sofa and a couch. Talk to an interior designer and you will get a different set of opinions on what to call the items you sit on at home. Sofa or couch, we think that the following living room furniture sets will inspire you in your home decoration.

scandinavian feel living room set

Image Courtesy of PiniMg.Com

A Scandinavian Feel Sofa with Chaise

This living room makes you want to pack up and move there. From the open floor plan to the natural woods and lighting, this minimalist space is inspiring in its simplicity as well as its aesthetic taste. While it feels open and minimalist, the large sectional sofa with chaise invites anyone who wants to fling their prostrate form across the couch, or sit politely and discuss the day’s events. Whichever you prefer.

Modern Living ROom

Image Courtesy of Furniture Ideas

Mid-Century Modern Couches

The couches here go well with a classic mid-century modern home. From the wood and glass paned door to the shag throw rug, this house would go well in a Mad Men scene. The central coffee table feels a bit more contemporary than the rest of the home and gives it a perfect feel that goes with the look we at North Hem usually look for.

mid-century modern couch

Image Courtesy of Home Garden Posterous

Mid-Century Modern Couch

Now, a nice contrast to the last picture, this couch and the entire living room has a less open and formal mid-century modern feel and a more close and intimate feel. The couch?with the throw pillows is perfect for after dinner drinks with friends. The bay window reading nook in the background is a great way to enjoy a cool summer morning: reading a book.

living room follows all the rules

Image Courtesy of DecoHolic

A Couch and Living Room that Follows all the Rules

Neutral colours? Check. Geometric patterns? Check. Tasteful art to add texture to the walls? Check. Good use of pillows and blankets? Check.

This couch?and living room follows our rules of Scandinavian design quite well.

cozy sectional couch

Image Courtesy of Berhhardt.com

Formal Sectional Couch

This sectional couch is both formal and comfortable within its environment. The natural wood coffee and end tables, the marble facade on the fireplace, and the striped rug all lend to an air of formality in this living room. But, the grey couch with the coloured pillows takes away from the stiff formality and makes this room a great place to live.

tufted contemporary couch

Image Courtesy of Furniture Ideas

Beautiful Tufted Couch

We round?out the couches with a contemporary tufted couch, beautiful in its own right. While it may not fit the aesthetic of many modern Scandi, mid-century modern or Asian fusion designs we normally show, something about this couch inspired us today.

Which of these couches and sofas inspire you?

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