North Hem Results Revealed! How Did You Do?

North Hem Results Revealed! How Did You Do?

Across Australia and around the world, the newly rebranded North Hem has been hard at work satisfying Scandinavian furniture desires.

Our stunningly simple designs have shown up in:

1.?????? Black Lab Coffee

The Zola Dining Chair in Pebble Grey and Oak Stain present an unassuming sanctuary for the dog lover in the local area.

2 & 3.?????? Blue Sky Coffee

The Ceni Grey Sofa 3 Seater banks on the fact that you need a cozy seat when retreating to your local caf? with friends, and the Industrial Myron Side Table?sits ready to start the party.

5. Duo Bar and Restaurant

The Nico Dining Table?and Chairs emit a classy nonchalance so iconic of the Scandinavian style.

6.?????? Craft Coffee Albion

These Tricia?Dining Chairs?hug the wall comfortably and with style inviting you to stay for just little longer. ?

7.?????? Journey?s Kitchen and Bar

The Elena Sofa 2.5 Seater Grey Couch sits?excitedly?awaiting you to join her for a cuppa joe while the Carlton Nest of Three Coffee Tables – Black?awaits the cup you drink from.

4 & 8. Shawty?s Espresso














The Alana Bar Chairs?rest against a delightful two-tone backdrop, inviting customers to sit and relax. All the while the Mika Stools in black and white/natural oak dominate the center of the caf?.

If you guessed that every single piece was ours, you were right.

Sitting quietly in cafes in Woolloongabba, Newstead, and Springfield Central, Scandinavian furniture is creating quite a stir.

At North Hem, we love what we do.

We take expertly created furniture from local artisans and make it available worldwide.

We help solve the problem small business owners run up against in shipping costs, mass production, and customer service limitations. In short, we protect their way of life.

We ensure that their art form finds the people it was made for. We ensure it finds you.

So this Spring, in the spirit of renewal, we?ve renewed our brand and we encourage you to take a look at what?s local when you?re ready to renew your space, your home, your life.

Scandinavian Simplicity is here to stay. Where will you find your design?

Love what we?re putting down? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We?d love to know what you think, where you shop, and what styles you?re looking for. Let us know, and we?ll find it for you.

NorthHem?s Top 6 Scandinavian Spring Looks

NorthHem?s Top 6 Scandinavian Spring Looks

Scandinavian d?cor is known for a modern, monochromatic flair, but what if you want to brighten up your space for the Spring season?

Introducing NorthHem?s top six looks for your Spring Scandinavian utopia:

1. Scandi-style Lemonade:

Bring the newly arrived sunshine inside. Brighten your day with a few well-placed rays of yellow in bright, smile-inducing shades.

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2. Buds of Paradise:

Scandinavian d?cor calls for an abundance of greenery. Now, you can add a bloom or two to those greens and naturally scent your space with the luxurious blossoms growing right outside your window.

3. Pink Is In!

At least, as long as you follow the pastel rule. Soft, heavenly hues of coral and blush ease you into the space and have the added benefit of calming everyone who enters.

4. Bring it Back:

Dust off those geometric-patterned rugs to create strategic visual interest. Used sparingly this creates a more modern look than simple art pieces alone could ever hope for.

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5. Mix ?n Match:

Neutrals are a cornerstone of great Scandinavian style, but what would happen if you added a surprise pop of neon into the mix? Spring gets Sprung that?s what happens. Use this options sparingly to delight and inspire your guests.

6. Don?t Fix It!

Did you find that dresser on the side of the road? Great! (Sanitize it!), then add it into your Scandinavian d?cor for a Spring-time rustic touch that?s sure to add an element of depth to any space.

And there it is. The NorthHem?s top six ideas for Scandinavian Spring-time d?cor that?ll wreck happy havoc with your endorphins and bring the beautiful bloom of the outdoors ? in.

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Love what we?re doing here at NorthHem? Check out our hand-selected Scandinavian furniture pieces from designers across the country, and Vote on the next Big Trend!


And drop us a line in the comments below. Where will you use your new Spring-inspired Scandinavian design tips? We?d love to hear from you.

A Revolutionary Way to Design and Deliver Scandinavian Furniture

A Revolutionary Way to Design and Deliver Scandinavian Furniture

Seen this image before?


It?s?the intro pic for our revolutionary way of designing and delivering the furniture you want at the price and speed the other guys wish they could achieve.

How do we do it?

For starters, let me?show you how the other guys get it wrong.

You see this long process? It stinks. It costs too much and takes too much time to get to your front door. More than that, because this process is so costly and time-senseless, you don?t get to choose what you get beyond their prefabricated items created months ago.


Here?s how Jason Agustina does things differently.

You see the difference?

We eliminate the waste of time and money.

But that?s not all we do. Remember that photo at the top of the page? Something about voting on what kind of furniture you get.

At Jason Agustina, we travel the world looking for the very best emerging designers. Then, we help them bring their dreams to life by curating their designs in our internationally reaching online store.
But, there?s a problem. There are so many brilliant designers that we can?t possible choose them all. So we?ve gone straight to the end-user. You!

You get to decide which designs we choose. That way, we get you the latest designs quickly and affordably. Not months after the trend has moved on (like some other guys).

Check out how popular this model has become. We?re so on the money with this idea, we?ve been featured like crazy.

Here?s a spread from Belle Magazine.

And so many others. Check them out HERE.

Curious what all the fuss is about? Check out our selection of Sofas & Ottomans:

Lounge and Dining Chairs & Stools and Bar Stools:

Bouvier Chair

Coffee, Dining & Side Tables:

Storage Options:

And Last Chance Items:

Amazed and astounded at this revolutionary way to create and deliver the furniture you actually want? Us too! Share your comments, and share with a friend on social media below. They?ll thank you for it.

Complete your Space with a Scandinavian Sofa-Loveseat Combo

Complete your Space with a Scandinavian Sofa-Loveseat Combo


Looking for that perfect piece to pull your living space together?

Look no further. We?ve compiled a few of our favorite seats to complete your Scandinavian look.

Seat #1


Looking for a full sofa with comfortable chaise attached? This popular piece fits snugly in any-sized living room and brings the focal point towards the center of the room.

If you?re feeling adventurous, check out the Jason Agustina Derby Lounge 3-Seater L-Shaped Sofa in Red.


Seat #2


Need something stylish, yet comfortable for just the two of you? This trendy sofa comes in two colors and is made to last. Sneak a peek at those gorgeous legs. The wood balances the bright blue or subtle grey of this Volt Sofa beautifully. Get yours here.


Seat #3


Need something simply sophisticated, no frills? This high-brow 3-seater sofa was made for you. It suits any style of living space and adds a classy touch and comfortable charm. Pair it with the matching 2-seater loveseat for a winning combination. Get your Ceni Sofa Set Now.

Jason_Agustina_Mid_Centure_Ceni_3_Seaters_1__55813.1471417771.1280.750 Mid_century_love_seat_2_seater_Sofa_2__70827.1440609117.1280.1280

Seat #4

de17bb6e372c46e0b9d8944becc21fae e9aea72aa73f4d73bb9083433f8cfaa7 fc433dfbe0f4b405fa5582c5d9656a7b

Button-backed loveseats have been done many ways, but I challenge you to find one as unique as the Jason Agustina Elena Sofa 2.5 Seater. In an incredible combination of the most popular styles, this loveseat completes any space in any style with its straight lines and Scandinavian design. Get yours in Beige, Grey, and Dark Grey. You?ll be glad you found your perfect loveseat.

39__98048.1484372596.1280.1280 38__16330.1484372476.1280.1280 37__59392.1484372396.1280.1280

Seat #5… Erm Ottoman, actually


And, of course, no living space would be complete without a classy place to kick up your feet. The Jason Agustina Ceni Ottoman completes the Ceni Sofa Set beautifully, but it also pairs well with any neutral living room d?cor. Get yours before the last one is gone.


Image Sources:,,,,


Looking for a particular furniture combo? Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know what your style is. We?re always innovating, and ideas from our readers create charismatic couches, dining tables, loveseats, and more that thrill us to no end. We also love alliteration, but more on that later.



Build Your Own Scandinavian Breakfast Nook

Build Your Own Scandinavian Breakfast Nook


Sunshine Breakfast Nook

This cozy dining table repurposes beautifully as a multi-hue breakfast nook. The pale wooden table pops in the natural light as the sun rises. Enjoy your own breakfast nook by pushing your table closer to a window. Want this table to build your own Scandinavian Breakfast Nook? Get it here.


Thick Table for a Hearty Meal

Thick tables add a sense of grandeur to your dining area. This table uses the same pale wood to amplify the natural light in the room (a signature Scandinavian design element). Add a sense of gravitas to your morning routine with this table. Get it here.


No Space, Big Appetite

When size matters, scale down to a beautifully round corner table. This dark wood adds depth to your breakfast area and the unique legs pull the eye, so your table never disappears within the design. Get your version here.


Check Out Those Legs

Speaking of interesting legs, check out this incredible piece. Whether sitting down for an evening meal, or waking up on the right foot, this table delights and inspires. The perfect way to start the day. You can?t get this style anywhere but here.


Cuppa Joe

And when a good morning coffee is all you need, these stacking tables work in every room. Lift your feet up and enjoy that cuppa? Joe. These handy side tables are multi-functional and add an element of design all by themselves. Get yours here.


You’re all set to start work building your own Scandinavia Breakfast Nook. Browse the store HERE, and get the trendiest Scandi furniture for your home. You’ll be the envy of every guest.


Image Source:


Share with us! How will you Build Your Scandinavian Breakfast Nook?



Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Creating a Nordic-inspired home interior is easy thanks to the ever-growing availability of Scandinavian furniture online.

Wildly popular for its clean lines, functionality and uncomplicated design there is an abundance of Scandi-style furniture on the market to meet consumer demand, each to varying degrees of quality and affordability.

Spoilt for choice, it can be quite the task to find the perfect piece to style your home if you don?t know what you?re looking for.

concept for light chairs

What is Scandinavian furniture?

Scandinavian furniture is renowned for its beauty and simplicity. It is well-made and functional with sleek style and neutral tones giving it an understated elegance.


Focus on functionality

Scandinavian-inspired homes are sophisticated and never over the top.

Start with one or two items, taking the time to consider what your needs are and what features are important to you. The great appeal of Scandinavian furniture is its functionality, so choose pieces that are useful as well as beautiful.

A quality sofa is a great starting point in creating a Scandinavian-inspired living room. Casually elegant with neutral tones and a wooden base, for example, a sturdy but stylish lounge makes the perfect Nordic-inspired introduction to your living area. Complement it with throws and cushions in different textures or a rug to add warmth to your room.


Quality furniture

With the abundance of Scandinavian furniture online, it?s important to keep your smarts about you.

Every second store offers Scandinavian-inspired furniture to differing degrees of quality. Be wary of poor imitations; cheap isn?t always cheerful.

Scandi-style has an emphasis on functionality, so your cutting-edge furniture needs to be well-made and carefully crafted to last the test of time.


Affordable furniture

You don?t need to break the bank to create a Nordic-inspired look in your home. Invest in a couple of statement pieces, for example a sofa or dining table, and complement them with Scandi-style accessories.

Thanks to North Hem you can create a designer look in your home without the designer price tag. With its cutting-edge design and functionality, you can find something to suit your budget.

Try before you buy

There aren?t too many furniture stores that allow you to try before you buy, especially when it comes to finding Scandinavian furniture online.

Not sure how that sofa is going to fit or look in your living room? North Hem will arrange for your furniture to be delivered straight to your home where you can style it, test it and make sure you?re 100% happy with it.

Contact North Hem today to find the right Scandinavian furniture online for you.

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