Deciding on a colour scheme for your home can be a somewhat daunting process. Determining where to start is usually the biggest hurdle but having the confidence to select a scheme and trust that the outcome will be successful can be another obstacle.

Rest assured, choosing colour doesn?t have to be that overwhelming! We have five tips to help you create a cohesive colour scheme from something as simple as your favourite things! Here?s how:

1. Select a mood.
Consider the type of atmosphere you would like to create. Commence research by utilising inspirational resources such as interior design magazines, Pinterest, Instagram or visiting a paint suppliers websites such as Dulux, Haymes or Porters Paints.?Select colours that centred on the emotion you would like to evoke or the aesthetic you wish to create when you enter the space. Think of key words to describe this such as energised, relaxed, tranquil, cosy, fresh, clean, rich, opulent, and the like. Next think about the colours that reflect these key words. For example:

White = Clean & Fresh
Neutral hues such Vanilla, Taupe = Comforting & Cosy
Muted Blues and Greens = Relaxing & Tranquil
Yellows = Energised & Vibrant
Jewelled hues such as Teal, Ruby and IndIgo = Rich & Opulent

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2. Take colour inspiration from your wardrobe.
Chances are that when you go shopping for clothes, you are picking colours not only because they look good on you, but because those colours make you happy. Take a peek and see what colour is predominant within your wardrobe. What colours do you pair together in your clothes? If the colours look good together on you, they will look great together in your room.

Pattern Curator

3. Find inspiration in your favourite artwork.
You may have a beloved piece of art that boasts a soft chalky palette or some striking vibrant hues. These pleasant tones can be incorporated into your space to become the main focus of the room. Look at items you already have to develop colour ideas, and when you decorate and style the room you won?t need to purchase as many coloured accessories as you will already have them!

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4. Introduce a neutral.
This can be the colour of your furniture or the shade of your flooring. Interior colour schemes use soft whites, vanilla, taupe, putty, charcoal or even blacks to break up the space and add relief. This way the room seems intentional without being overwhelming. This will help to create a space that is restful to the eye and allow pops of colour to shine through without competing with the rest of the space.

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5. Keep ceilings light and bright.
Always leave ceilings and cornice mouldings a bright white or a basic neutral colour that is lighter than the walls. Bright white ceilings do help bounce light back into the room and help the space to appear fresh and light and spacious. Painting the ceiling a colour will absorb all of the light and leave the room feeling dark and small. This is considered a major decorating blunder.

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So as you can see it?s possible to get all the inspiration you need from learning to recognise the things that appeal to you. However, should you need a second opinion, feel free to contact one of the friendly team members at Jason Agustina, we are more than happy to assist.

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Image Credits:?Iittala | Design Seeds?|?Pattern Curator | Pixaus |?Still Stars

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