Autumn is a great time of year for external decorating. Cooler temperatures make for comfortable days in the open, ripe produce provides a great backdrop for decorating, and there are still enough nice days in the week to plan time outside.

bountiful colourful produce

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Colour your porches, windows, doors, and other outside areas with pumpkins, decorative corn, and tree foliage. These colours will define how your house and landscaping looks for autumn. Whether using real foliage or themed prints on throw pillows and blankets, a tasteful autumn colourful design will both increase the beauty of your home?s exterior without taking away from the look because of too much clutter.

outdoor dining room

Outside Festivities

Plan some great outside festivities for autumn. As days get shorter but there are still comfortable days for dining outside, use light strings to create a beautiful and intimate outdoor dining experience. Create a dining room with boards and candles on the table,? or spend time outside around a fireplace.

painting for autumn

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Painting and Other Projects

Autumn precedes winter, a time where your home often faces the full brunt of weather. Freshen up your home with a touch of paint. Autumn is a good time to re-stain or paint exposed wood to protect it throughout the year. This will also give your home a comfortable look. As you can see with the photo above, good design for autumns

Paint the home, use autumn produce to introduce colour, create intimate and beautiful outdoor experiences. What are your favorite autumn exterior decorating tips?

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