If you have noticed the new dinnerware lines on North Hem?s main website, you might be wondering about what inspires them, and how to incorporate our dinnerware collections into your modern, Scandi, or Asian styled home. Below are some of our thoughts on one of our new collections, the mizu-mizu collection.

Mizu-Mizu Dinner Dishes

Inspire Freshness

Design doesn?t have to be sacrificed for practicality. In fact, design can enhance the practical. Our mizu-mizu line of serveware, named for the Japanese element of water, hints at the vital, growing things of the world. Let the design of your dishes influence healthy food choices and present your meals in a way that inspires.

Inspire Elegance

Inspire Experience

If formal presentation of gourmet fare is what you need, clean, elegant serveware certainly does the job. Showcase your edible art on luminous porcelain. Impress that important person in your life, or show your appreciation with a beautiful dining experience – all provided by your own two hands.

spice up interior design

Spice Up Your Interior Design

Spice things up by combining different items from our mizu-mizu line. Here a round, white cup pairs with the tawny, rectangular platter for a winning contrast of shape and hue. Lovely in any modern dining room; serve up varied condiments for a family buffet-style meal or present classy entrees with a pleasantly modest flair.

inspire mizu-mizu dinnerware

Mizu-Mizu – Inspire Life

Mizu-mizu not only works for dining in elegance, but can also provide a classic look. Enjoy a simple, fresh lunch on the go, or serve up something lovely for friends. Versatility is key, and just as the mizu element implies, you?ll find these dishes are adaptable to many environments and purposes.

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