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How to Use Flowers to Decorate

Flowers add a natural element to any room. If you haven’t explored how to use them to decorate your home until now, you’re in for a treat. You’re going to love how versatile fresh, dried, painted, and paper flowers are as décor.

As Wall Art


Photo Credit: HomeBNC.com

Fake flowers never wilt or die which makes them a beautiful year round decoration for the home. Rather than place these tissue paper flowers in a vase, see how they become the focus of the wall. The warm colors of pink and orange play off the cooler blues and greens. It really looks outstanding and is a great way to temporarily decorate an apartment that you’re leasing.

 In Pretty Jars


Photo Credit: Decoist.com

It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do to transform ordinary canning jars into delightful vases for fresh flowers. Decide which color works best with your room and spray the outside of each jar completely. Use sandpaper to remove some of the paint and give it an aged look. Then fill the vases with fresh flowers from your garden or florist on a weekly basis. Give your home a pop of color and fragrance, too.

As a Wreath


Photo Credit: HomeGoid.com

Give your front door some love by using dried flowers to create a beautiful arrangement like the one featured in the photo. Allow each flower to dry completely before placing it on the wreath. Dried flowers are very fragile so handle them with care. Once you’re satisfied with the way that the arrangement looks, hang it up so other people can admire your handiwork.

As a Theme for Your Room


Photo Credit: I-J-C.com

Make flowers your central theme. Then use fresh flowers and greenery to amplify the appearance of the room. Although flowers aren’t front and center as adornments in this bedroom, they are dispersed throughout the space giving it a bright and organic type of feel.

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