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Jason Agustina takes the frustration out of purchasing online by offering our customers a no-obligation furniture sample to trial from the comfort of your own home.

We all have moments when we fall in love with an item of furniture only to get it home and realise every single thing you thought was right is actually wrong!

It can happen to the best of us – you are out shopping and come across what looks to be the perfect piece of furniture or decor accessory. You are thrilled and without hesitation purchase the item in a haze of giddy excitement.

That is until you bring it home and find your hero piece is in fact a complete dud! It looked great in the store but now it appears much too large for your space, or the colour isn?t quite right or it simply doesn?t work with any other elements within the room.?You are left feeling utterly disappointed and upset with yourself for not taking note of the stores ?no refunds? policy which you now see printed on the receipt… Ouch!

Rest assured that this is not the case when shopping with Jason Agustina. We are thrilled to offer our customers the unique opportunity to try out our products at home before deciding whether you want to pay for them.

A winning situation for both our company are our valued customers! You can shop with confidence and have complete peace of mind. This service offers the reassurance of product quality and suitability. We understand the importance of being able to inspect a product and view it in situ. It is necessary to experience the colour, the scale and the placement to determine how the piece will compliment the rest of the interior.

Try Before You Buy Process

We also offer expert advice on furniture selection, placement and styling so please feel free to speak to us about all of your furniture needs.

Please contact Jason Tan.
0484 333 167



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