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Sydney?s Vivid festival is the world?s largest outdoor festival of light, music and ideas. The phenomenal cultural event takes place each year to showcases a number of installations of epic proportions throughout the city. These awe-inspiring installations are designed by some of the most brilliant leading creatives in the industry.

One installation to particularly stand-out this year is ??Momentum?? designed by the sensational design duo?Stephanie Shehata and Erin Slaviero.?Following the success of their award-winning ?Kaleidoscope? at Vivid 2015, the girls returned to this year?s festival of light with a new dazzling installation.

We were fortunate to chat with Stephanie and Erin about how they created the concept for Momentum and what it?s like to be part of such an extraordinary event.

Could you tell us about the design for Momentum?

?Momentum? picks up where ?Kaleidoscope? left off. It comprises of three freestanding infinity boxes that house illuminated 3D objects. These objects create kaleidoscopic optical illusions that explore the way the addition of motion and speed affect the interactions of infinity, light, material and form.

Vivid Momentum Installation

Momentum_Vivid Festival 2016

How can visitors experience and?interact with the installation?

Participants can interact with the installation by rotating a wheel, which in turn rotates the 3D light element. The object stays dimmed, statically glowing, until the wheel is spun, activating a burst of light.

The installation becomes dynamic causing a kaleidoscope of colour and reflection. To visitors, the installation initially presents as a series of tall, dark three-dimensional boxes. Their key to interacting with a box is to do so with a partner, with a person standing on either side of the box. As one spins a wheel activating the light element inside, their partner views the spinning form as it is reflected into infinity.



Your previous installation, ?Kaleidoscope?, featured at Vivid in 2015, won the IES NSW Lighting Sculpture and Installation Design Award of Commendation. How has that impacted on you as designers?

Stephanie Shehata: ?Both Erin and I are home-grown and independent artists who understand the impact Vivid has both in terms of tourism but also in terms of pushing boundaries in multi-disciplinary collaborations of art and technology. Vivid has opened doors for both of us, globally, in terms of industry recognition?winning the IES NSW award?and as artists. We?re incredibly grateful that Kaleidoscope was so well received, and we?re pleased to be back with our best work yet??.

Can you tell us about your background as designers and about your design ethos?

Stephanie Shehata: ??I?m a recent graduate of the UTS Master of Design in Lighting Design and have previously completed Bachelor of Design in Interior Design/ Bachelor Arts in International Studies, also at UTS.

My production of design solutions are based on a balance of function, value and aesthetics while also bridging the gap between the physical environment, behaviour and the being in space??.

Erin Slaviero: ??I graduated from the UTS Master of Design in Lighting Design in 2012. Since graduating from the program I have had the opportunity to work on a range of lighting projects around the globe and work in design offices in Sydney, Melbourne and London.

I believe that light is a crucial link for creating a spatial interaction between people and their environment. To me, light is an experience that generates and controls the way we feel and interact with the world around us??.

Vivid 2016

Momentum was produced in collaboration with Peter Favelle (Australia), Simon Milligan (Australia) and Paul Dadd (Australia). It was commissioned by Destination NSW for Vivid Sydney 2016 and sponsored by KF plastics and Light Project.

The Momentum installation is an?absolute must see! It can be viewed as part of Vivid Sydney in Walsh Bay. The festival runs from Friday 27 May to Saturday 18 June and is open from 6pm?12am every evening.


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