Minimalism is not so much design as it is principle, or philosophy. Have what you use and need, and free yourself and your home from extraneous pieces. The space can be energizing and uplifting. Here are five rooms where minimalism is embraced and practiced.

minimalist bedroom


Image Courtesy of Ian Moore Architects

The Modern Chromatic Room

This sleek, modern room is done in a monochromatic palette. The table and desk almost seem to be floating, thanks to their open, airy design, and the couch is made to match. Superfluous furniture and decor are absent; the unusual sconce doubles as art in the space, and a single book and retro phone provide the rest.


minimalist bedroom

Image Courtesy of Comelite?Architecture

Welcoming Bedroom

Minimalism doesn?t mean stark or empty. This welcoming bedroom is everything you need, and nothing you don?t. The bed isn?t buried in pillows but still looks like luxury. White furniture with clean lines and a stylish lamp don?t compete with the cool colors of the painting. Comfort, but not clutter, and plenty of space to enjoy some refreshments.


minimalist living room

Image Courtesy of Kapts

Living Room as a Work of Art

This living room is almost a work of art in and of itself. Furniture in monochrome with plenty of natural color in the floor and greenery, it boasts plenty of space between pieces and a pleasing symmetry.


minimalist kitchen

Space in the Kitchen

Minimalism in this kitchen looks like plenty of space between work zones and flush-mounted ovens and cooktop. Fixtures at the sink are clean and sleek, and unnecessary knobs and handles are absent from the cabinetry. Food and flowers brighten the space.


minimalist bathroom

Image Courtesy of Home Designing

Minimalist Bathroom

Clear glass on the shower and a wall-mounted vanity keep an open, airy feel in this bathroom. Fixtures, both chrome and porcelain, are simple and unadorned, with some natural greenery for a splash of color.

What does minimalism look like in your home?


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