As the room primarily devoted to rest and relaxation, the bedroom might benefit the most from a clean, modern design. Be inspired by four unique modern bedrooms that inspire below.

modern ocean front bedroom

Image Courtesy of Amara

A Modern Bedroom in the Natural Elements

Natural elements are clearly at home in this modern bedroom. A wood floor and stone fireplace give a grounding effect to the room, but aren?t alone. Air, water, and fire all have their role and provide calming energy to the space. Neutral fabrics and fibers continue the theme of quiet harmony with the world and invite serenity. Relax and rejuvenate while you reestablish your connection with the natural world.

bedroom about lines

Image Courtesy of MAS

Linear Balance

This modern bedroom is all about lines. From the contrasting definition of parallel floor planks to the integrated lighting, straight, clean lines establish style in this space. Symmetry also plays a part, with long lines framing the primary feature of the room, the bed. Smooth, polished materials in walls, tables, and chair leave room for the soft, tousled contrast of the linens. Retreat from noise and busyness in a place where you can enjoy balance.

lines bedroom

Image Courtesy of Go Starry

Monochrome and Muted Neutrals

Monochrome and muted neutrals provide the palette for this lavish room. Black, domed lamps and side tables add a masculine feel and the ample natural light and white bed keep it from feeling heavy. Add a modest work zone if you have the space, or a unique accent chair. A large area rug brings cohesion to the various elements of this room.

corner reading nook

Image Courtesy of Trellis Chicago

Mid-Century Modern Room

This modern bedroom enjoys a mid-century vibe with its platform bed and wood toned wardrobe. Hanging bedside lamps are a nice addition for purposes of both style and utility. The lighter wood floor adds a Scandi feel, as does the plush area rug. Don?t feel like you can?t break a few rules; add a touch of interest with creative wall art placement.

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