Scandinavian d?cor is known for a modern, monochromatic flair, but what if you want to brighten up your space for the Spring season?

Introducing NorthHem?s top six looks for your Spring Scandinavian utopia:

1. Scandi-style Lemonade:

Bring the newly arrived sunshine inside. Brighten your day with a few well-placed rays of yellow in bright, smile-inducing shades.

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2. Buds of Paradise:

Scandinavian d?cor calls for an abundance of greenery. Now, you can add a bloom or two to those greens and naturally scent your space with the luxurious blossoms growing right outside your window.

3. Pink Is In!

At least, as long as you follow the pastel rule. Soft, heavenly hues of coral and blush ease you into the space and have the added benefit of calming everyone who enters.

4. Bring it Back:

Dust off those geometric-patterned rugs to create strategic visual interest. Used sparingly this creates a more modern look than simple art pieces alone could ever hope for.

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5. Mix ?n Match:

Neutrals are a cornerstone of great Scandinavian style, but what would happen if you added a surprise pop of neon into the mix? Spring gets Sprung that?s what happens. Use this options sparingly to delight and inspire your guests.

6. Don?t Fix It!

Did you find that dresser on the side of the road? Great! (Sanitize it!), then add it into your Scandinavian d?cor for a Spring-time rustic touch that?s sure to add an element of depth to any space.

And there it is. The NorthHem?s top six ideas for Scandinavian Spring-time d?cor that?ll wreck happy havoc with your endorphins and bring the beautiful bloom of the outdoors ? in.

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