A good exterior can make or break the living arrangements in your home. While North Hem?s design rules, inspiration, and product lines often focus on the interiors, we like to take some time to enjoy inspirational exteriors here as well.

The following pictures are inspirational for many a home. While some are a little more modern and less Scandi or Mid-Century modern, we think you will agree that they are all rather striking.

Beautiful Desert Exterior

Image Courtesy of Libertyn Interiors

A Beautiful Desert Exterior

This beautiful desert exterior surrounds an interesting, if exotic, display of 20th Century modern design. While the neutral colours and geometric lines match our design, the stark concrete-like building materials makes for a rather austere feel that works well with a desert environment.

Image Courtesy of Georgiana Design

Modern Home with Beautiful Pavers

This modern home fits more with our contrasting neutral colours, geometric shapes, and the minimalist comfort of a mid-century modern design. Using the square pavers throughout the outdoor living space is a good contrast to typical concrete or brick patios and makes this exterior a welcoming and livable space.

Image Courtesy of ArchDaily

An Outdoor Courtyard

A tree rarely feels so much a part of a designed space as it does in this modern courtyard. The shapes and colours of this courtyard are a perfect setting for a modern apartment complex, home, or even a business.

Outdoor Design: Living and Dining in Style

Finally, this is an inspirational setting for any home?s exterior. Although more colonial than modern, the outdoor armchairs are great uses of modern furniture brands, and the fireplace is a great addition to any outdoor living experience.


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