North Hem Product Preview

Have you never purchased furniture at a great Internet price because you?re not sure how it would look in your home?
If you can?t make it a North Hem Private Showroom, our Product Preview service lets you visualise your new furniture in your home.

There?s nothing worse than getting your expensive, heavy furniture assembled and into your home only to realise it
doesn?t work ? or worse, it clashes with your existing furniture! On top of that, the return process for online
furniture orders is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

preview-before.jpg preview-after.jpg

The North Hem Product Preview will show you what your new furniture looks like in your home.
Match colour, style, and size with a render of the room of your choice.
Take advantage of great online prices with the North Hem peace of mind guarantee.

To submit your room and your products to the North Hem Product Preview team, just upload your images through this form.

For the best match, please make sure your image is high resolution.
A photo on a good smartphone should suffice but just make sure it isn?t pixelated.

Also please include the dimensions (in centimetres) of the room so we can match your furniture exactly.
If the image of your room is hard to work with, we?ll build a 3D model of the room for the best match.

    Browse files or drop a file here.

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