A bedroom is a tricky part of your house to get just right; the need to sleep comfortably takes up significant amounts of space and introduces clutter that is not ideal in a Scandinavian or mid-century modern home. As the following Scandi bedrooms show, a savvy home decorator can integrate Scandinavian design principles with a comfortable sleeping space.

scandinavian window bed

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A Window Scandi Bedroom

For single beds, a window seat may be a great way to remove the biggest piece of clutter from your bedroom: the bed. This room incorporates natural wood tones with a clean floor, carpet, and different geometric shapes with a natural lighting that can be perfect as a sitting area, or as a clean-lined bedroom.

dark colour bedroom

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Dark Coloured Room

Using neutral and natural colours leads to many light coloured rooms, but sometimes you want something a little more warm in your sleeping environments. This room shows how to keep a natural wood floor, use throw rugs,and clean lines. These neutral colours also work well when incorporating more mid-century modern furniture in your minimalist bedroom, like our Guido upholstered queen bed frame.

natural wood geometric rug bedroom

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Natural Wood Bedroom

This bedroom incorporates both the rustic feel of natural wood with the clean, refined lines of finished wood furnishings. With the geometric photos on the wall, the hanging lights, and the geometric pillows and rug, this bedroom feels both cozy and incredibly minimalist. The fabric bed fits well in both modern and Scandinavian designs.


Dinesen Home Clean Wood Bedroom

Image Courtesy of Nordic Designs

Dinesen Home Natural Wood Bedroom

This bedroom showcases the best of Scandinavian design for comfort, function, clean lines, and minimalist living. The cane back hardwood arm chair?in the corner sets apart space for you to sit in comfort. The bed matches the room while still being incredibly comfortable and the recessed TV does not distract from the clean lines and open floor plan of the bedroom.

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