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Bring your favourite new creations to life and vote for the cutting-edge designer furniture that you love best.

Jason Agustina is re-designing the way you shop for designer furniture, and we want you to decide which new creations to curate in our store!?We travel the world looking for the very best emerging designers, and we love to help them realise their dreams by bringing the final product to you.?But we can?t choose them all.?To keep our costs down and provide you with affordable, high-quality designer furniture we need to make a few tough decisions.?That?s why we?re asking ? who do you love?

Take a look at the latest cutting-edge creations, and choose your absolute favourite.?Which of these stunning designer pieces would make a splash in your home? Which quality piece do you just NEED TO HAVE??The most popular designs will be brought to life with quality craftsmanship and offered for sale on this site.

Don?t miss out – have your say now!

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