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When making design choices for your home, consider the windows. Size, placement, and even the view can really promote, or detract from, the atmosphere of a space. Read on to see how the uses of windows inspire the design in the rooms pictured below.

wall of windows inspire

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Wall of Windows Inspire Design

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a wall of windows like this, but if you do, using natural elements and colours can make it seem as if the indoors extends out, and the outdoors in. Sofas below the windows give you every advantage of the area, and plenty of natural light to enjoy. Verdant green in upholstery and potted plants brings in some of the lush foliage, and the tones of stone and brick carry into the view. Bold pillows in sunset hues enliven the space and keep it from feeling too subdued.

Alcove Windows Inspire Comfort

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Alcove Windows Inspire Comfort

This welcoming alcove brings attention to the outdoors in a completely different way. The grays of carpet, wall, and shingle frame the fresh green of the landscape, and the accessories do not compete with the view. Instead, interest is added by way of texture – the patterned upholstery, the drape of blanket, the inviting fluff of pillow. Take advantage of your windows’ view by making it part of the decor of your home.

cohesive windows

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Windows Integrate Interior and Exterior Design

The clean, straight lines of these black-paned windows and door definitely appeal to our Scandi design aesthetic. The outdoor dining set on the protected patio and the furniture indoors are well matched, and they both have the simple design and natural materials that are also found in the floor and structure itself. Enjoy visual harmony when the indoors and outdoors play well together, and are part of the same cohesive arrangement.

Enjoy the seamless transition from interior to exterior that windows provide?

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